Women & Conflict: Quotes From The Panel

At Hive's recent event, the guest panel (click on their details to connect with them on LinkedIn) were asked to

debate the following:

The effect of imposter syndrome on women, does it create or contribute to workplace conflict?

The old boy network: Does it exist in the modern workplace and does it affect workplace conflict

Here are few quotes worth repeating from the night:

"The way we speak to people at work can make them feel less than"

"Conflict is a crisis in interaction, often people in conflict feel weak and reactive"

Jane Gunn


"Historically people who raise issues leave: This promotes an unhealthy environment ... leads to under reporting and closing of ranks"

"Fear in relation to careers is fuelled by the old boy network"

Alison Love

"Modern workplaces have a subtle old boy club - selective invites to the pub etc. There is also “a new boy network” new people coming in are replicating old systems e.g. Having a WhatsApp group for 'boys only' which excludes females leads to loads of potential for conflict"

"It is time to shift from gender and focus on being ‘human friendly” conflict is normal because without conflict you have stagnation”

Linda Doe

" I prefer the phrase imposter phenomenon, this is when social pressures become personalised in the workplace"

"Women do not have the credibility that automatically comes with being a man, this makes women hesitate to speak up...the costs of speaking up is quite high even for men...Workplace mediators have to work harder to create a safe space for women during the process."

Katherine Graham

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