Research on effectiveness of workplace mediation: Request for participants

Maria Nikou (Greek Lawyer and a Mediator based in US) is seeking employees to fill out a questionnaire describing their experience of workplace mediation, this is to capture information from individuals who have engaged in the mediation process. Read more below:

The purpose of the study is to investigate the factors that contribute to workplace mediation effectiveness as a conflict resolution method within an organisation and how it affects the organisation-employee relationship quality. More specifically, the aim of the research is to examine the relationship between the employee perceptions of organisational justice in a workplace mediation setting and factors that refer to the organisation-employee relationship quality, such as organisational trust and organisational commitment and their role in employee withdrawal intentions.

Please also share the questionnaire to companies, organisations or directly to employees you are aware of using/having used Mediation as a conflict resolution method for workplace disputes. Confidentiality is an essential part of every mediation process. Hence, in order for the participants to be willing to take the survey and answer honestly and accurately, this survey is anonymous. No names or emails or any other identification data will be requested. For those who may want access to our survey’s results, there is an option at the end to provide an email to reach out.

Please do not fill out the questionnaire if you are a mediator as this is only for participants.There are no limitations regarding the mediation model used. The link to my survey is: For any information on this research or any other relevant questions, comments or reservations you may contact Maria at

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