ADR-ODR International Launches Inspirational Women Interview Series

Earlier this month ADR-ODR International (dispute resolution provider) commenced an interview series to celebrate brilliant women in ADR. This is an incredible showcase of female unsung heroes in the ADR industry, you can catch on the most recent interview with Dr Zoe Giannopoulou below however to get updates directly to your inbox contact

Interview with Dr Zoe Giannopoulou

Zoe is a practicing Lawyer in the field of corporate business and commercial law and holds a PhD on European and Economic Law. Zoe is also an accredited ADR-ODR International Civil-Commercial, Family and Workplace Mediator as well as an accredited Mediator by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR USA). Zoe also holds the prestigious post of being an Accredited Trainer for Mediators, by the Greek Ministry of Justice.

Zoe has completed further training with Harvard Law School's training on Mediation and is a trained Negotiator of Harvard Law School's Master Class Negotiations Programme. Among Zoe's many talents she also speaks Greek, English and French.

Zoe is the Deputy President of the Mediator's Accreditation Committee, at the Ministry of Justice in Greece and a member of the Ministry's Committee for the Promotion of Mediation. She is the founding member of the Greek Mediation Institute.

Zoe often writes and broadcasts regularly on legal matters and is known for explaining complex legal and political issues to lay audiences. She has given lectures and seminars in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, The National School of Judges, Bar Associations, Chambers of Commerce, the Association of Greek Commercialists, ERA, ACT, IHU and FRA.

If you didn't think that was enough Zoe also participates as a professional mediator and judge in many international commercial mediation competitions. Zoe is also an UIA World Mediation Forum Advisor and an MBA Lecturer at the American College of Thessaloniki in the field of Conflict Resolution, where she also runs the peer mediation programme.

What draws you to ADR and mediation in particular?

I am passionate about mediation. Helping people talk through their differences, ease hard feelings and find their own constructive solutions to the difficulties in their lives is a big but rewarding responsibility.

Who is your female inspiration and why?

My mother is my guiding spirit. When I think about the values that carried me forward, they trace to her. When I think about the work I ended up doing, there is no doubt that it was my upbringing that formulated my personality.

What 4 celebrity personalities past or present would sit on your round table?

Michelle Obama, Indira Gandhi, Anne Frank, Rosa louise Mccauley Parks.

What has been your biggest professional challenge to date and how did you overcome it?

To shape a public conversation on mediation. It didn't have to do with regulation, or legislation, it had to do with shaping attitude, shaping culture, increase awareness. The answer is our behaviour, as it is something people can relate to.

What advice would you give a young woman who wants to succeed in the workplace?

Be present in your own lives and be mindful in everything you do! Ask yourself what would have more impact, be more useful and have great faith in education.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

Our own fear. What would we do if we knew we could not fail?

Would you describe yourself as a hunter or gatherer?

I think both, according to the circumstances and the challenges.

Do you have any career regrets?

I could pursue my dreams much earlier. I shouldn't have overthought it, I should have just started it.

What advice would you give your young self?

Against all odds grab any opportunity and make the change. Success is not given to you, you have to take it!

What would you like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for my work to train the next generation of peacemakers and to create a community that says this is the norm!

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