Recommended Reads for Dispute Resolvers

The verdict is in! HIVE carried out a social media campaign over August to promote great books on dispute resolution aptly titled #MediationShelfie. We would like to thank all the happy campers who supported us with some amazing 'shelfies'. It was also interesting to note that a lot of mediators tend to favour content with a focus on emotional states and related cognitive developments.

CPD Tip: Focus on books that relate to the psychology behind emotion and mental states of individuals in conflict, in relation to mediation focus on sector specific texts. For example workplace mediators need to dwell too much on texts related to commercial mediation, a steady favourite which all field specialists swear on is Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher & William Ury which covers the art of meandering through challenges in the resolution process.

Here are our top pics can you spot a favourite?

Laura and Julie from Solution Talk recommend - The Mediator Handbook- Jennifer E Beer then, Promise of Mediation-Bush&Folger, Mediating Dangerously-Cloke.

Marc Reid from Mediation4 recommends...

Letitia Stenning from Stenning Consultancy recommends

Irene Grindell from Albert Square Mediation did not have any favourites so she shared her impressive collection!

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