Social Campaign: Raising Awareness of Mediation Content

HIVE Society is putting together a digital campaign and we need your help!

We are on a mission to showcase the best conflict management publications for professionals. This is a call for all mediators/HR professionals to send us images of their favourite books as part of our social campaign.

How to help:

  1. Set the scene - Take a picture of your mediation book shelf/ your favourite mediation or conflict management books on your desk

  2. Send it to us via Email ( or via Twitter: @Hivethesociety

  3. Be sure to include a short summary of any particular titles you recommend and why with the tag #MediationShelfie

Example: These books have been my mentors throughout my career. Anna, mediator @Yellow Leaf Group #mediationshelfie. [include any quotes too]

How it works:

We will collate a top ten list of the most common titles and most shared/liked shelfies which will be distributed online for budding mediators and professionals in September.

Let us know if you have any questions, we look forward to receiving your #Shelfie!


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