Guess Who Joined HIVE For Supper?

On 28th February HIVE hosted a supper club event to discuss emerging trends in workplace disputes. The discussion was led by an experienced panel of mediators namely:

Antony Sendall from Littleton Chambers, Austin Kenny from Oak Conflict Dynamics and Katherine Graham from CMP Resolutions.It was also chaired by Martha Clarke from Clarke Mediation.

This event featured a fascinating of analysis of mediation as juxtaposed within the context of organisational psychology, a few take home points include:

"We haven't really been trained on where does conflict start and why does it start? that Neanderthal man/woman in us hasn't really changed. It's 'that' comment that puts us into a place of conflict. Winning at all costs suggest someone is paying somewhere along the way. There is only one person in the world we can control and it's ourselves. Yet it is always the 'other person over there'..."

- Austin Kenny

"Workers leave their managers not their jobs - that's absolutely true. it's very damaging and costly and there are ways to save a colossal amount of money if these are resolved as early as possible"

-Antony Sendall

Please see pictures from the evening below and let us know your comments!

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