Hive Annual Soiree

Women & Conflict: The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is the notion that seemingly minor situations can have a major significance on a subsequent chain of events: How is this relevant to dispute resolution? Attend to find out!

This event is a panel discussion on how workplace encounters can cause a huge rift in the professional ecosystem. It will particularly focus on gender dynamics and conflict.

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Thursday, 18th October 2018

5.30pm - 8pm

Russell Square, London

Venue tbc

Tickets: £30

         £25** early bird**

Our star panel will address the following:

  • What is the effect of imposter syndrome on women, does it create or contribute to workplace conflict?

  •  The old boy network: Does it exist in the modern workplace and does it affect workplace conflict? How?

Alison Love

Resolution At Work ltd, finalist in the Business Leader Inspire Wales Award 2010

Alison Love has over 30 years of practical experience as an HR practitioner, employment lawyer, and a business leader. Prior to qualifying as a solicitor, she spent 8 years as an HR practitioner in the public, retail, and consumer finance sectors. Alison established Alison Love Limited in 2011 providing workplace and employment mediation services, workplace investigations, training and coaching. In 2016 Alison became a Director of Mediation At Work Ltd as an associated business to Alison Love Ltd.Alison is a fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), member of the Institute of Directors and sits on the Board of Arts & Business Cymru. She is an Accredited Workplace and Employment Mediator and holds an ILM Level 7 certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

Jane Gunn

International Speaker and Commercial Mediator

Known as The Corporate Peacemaker, Jane has been a Commercial Mediator since 1996 and is one of the leading Mediators in the UK. She has mediated a wide variety of disputes including, business, partnership, employment, property and construction, personal injury and clinical negligence, trusts and family disputes. She’s an international speaker and has transferred her mediation skills and knowledge to help organisations reduce the human and financial cost of conflict. She’s the author of ‘How to Beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom’ – A life changing guide to happiness at work and at home. Which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t a sex manual but is a guide to help you improve your personal and professional relationships.

Linda Doe

MD and Principal Psychologist at Apana Business Psychology Ltd

Linda is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, an HPC Registered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Linda has an advanced portfolio career specialising as a Mediator in difficult organisational relationships, Executive Coaching and Life Psychology. She has a track record of facilitating resolution to a large number of disputes, in a wide variety of settings and organisations. Her current project work includes negotiating change towards female friendly working, and succession planning at Board level. Her work with individuals and organisations is compassionate and challenging, as she skilfully moves between Depth Psychology and pragmatism to get results. 

Katherine Graham

Chair of the Board of Directors

& former Managing Director -CMP Resolutions Ltd

Katherine has been a pioneer of conflict resolution approaches in the UK, setting standards for the sector. She developed the business into the successful operation it is today, and continues to play an important role as Chair and shareholder. Katherine also co-authored Mediation for Managers (NB Books),she was also the former inaugural chair of the Institute of Conflict Management.

Katherine  worked in the field of dispute resolution for over 15 years’ as a mediator and trainer. She has mediated on the BBC Learning Zone and has given keynote speeches on conflict management and mediation for The MOD’s Equal Opportunities Conference, Women in Business Annual conference and “Getting Beyond Conflict”, a national conference on workplace dispute resolution.

David D’Souza (Chair)

CIPD’s Head of Engagement

Recently described as “one of the UK’s most influential HR and workplace commentators”, he is a respected speaker and writer on progressive HR & business practice. David has expertise on a wide range of areas, including organisational development, learning & development, talent and performance management, ethics, employee engagement and the future of work.

Prior to joining the CIPD, David worked as an independent Organisational Development Consultant, having held previous roles as Head of People Development at Metrobank and in various HR positions for an international FS firm.

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