A  fresh take on mediation 

 HIVE originally launched as The Society of Professional Mediators to promote effective use of mediation in workplace and employment mediation.

In June 2016, consultation was sought with mediators on their thoughts on how The Society(as it was then known) can support them better. The result and feedback we received from mediators led to HIVE's creation. 

We came to the conclusion that Mediation did not need yet another professional body or association. What it needs is an independent body which promotes the interest of mediators and functions as an informative platform for non mediators.

Hive In A Nutshell

Objectivity is key for our agenda and as we do not deliver mediation services we are best placed to support stakeholders in the market. We focus on helping mediators build their practice and supporting the use of dialogue in workplace & employment conflict settings.

We are an energetic and down to earth team of volunteers with an efficient work ethic. We frequently encourage members to get involved as much as possible.


HIVE's approach is to increase practical understanding of mediation among professionals to help build trust in the process and in mediators.


We create as many opportunities as possible to engage non mediators and connect them to industry professionals.

We do this by hosting informative events for HR professionals, training and development sessions for mediators and industry updates for our members.


We hope you will join our growing community and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

By building relationships with non mediators

we increase awarenesss of its purpose 

and potential drive usage 

Volunteer Staff Team

Carole is an HR assistant with a passion for employee relations. She supports Hive's internal operations and is most likely to be found in a corner at events making sure everything runs smoothly.


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Volunteer - Marketing and Communications

Alexis is a commercially minded Marketing pro, he is passionate about bringing brands to life. He supports Hive's internal communications with members and  its external presence in the market.

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Volunteer - Brand Design

Caleb is a Graphic Designer with a professional services focus. He creates promotional content to support Hive marketing.

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Volunteer - Founder & Manager 

Mercedes is a Law graduate, trained workplace mediator and the previous manager of the Professional Mediators’ Association(PMA).In addition to managing Hive, she is currently the UK Community Manager at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

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Volunteer - Operations 

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Volunteer - Facilitator  

Letitia supports the delivery of Hive's CPD programmes, she channels her experience in mediating disputes into education and awareness raising projects.


Greg Lee - HR Manager, GEM Environmental Building Services 

Nicole Eisele - Workplace Mediator & Coach, Eisele Consulting

Rachel Brownbill - Workplace Mediator & Conflict  Coach

Hive Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are industry experts who use their knowledge and experience to direct Hive's purpose and learning events.

Richard Peachy - Head of Business Development, CMP Resolutions 

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